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Designer: TATINE


Notes; misty blue and white rose too. eleven moons above me and you. golden rose color of the dream i had, this timeless day, you stole my heart away.

  • 40% recycled heavy weight vintage style glassware
  • Pure soy wax hand blended withbeeswax, essentials and perfume oils
  • 2 oz, approx. burn time 16 hours

About Tatine’s Tisane (“tee-zan”) Collection:

the tisane collection was inspired by places i have visited in reality or in my dreams. trying to capturing a mere moment, a feeling, a season, a gray sky, falling leaves, english trees, rain soaked concrete, walking the neighborhoods of london with my sister in october. the scents themselves are abstract, very personal and based on scent memory of a place and of an experience. each doesn’t blatantly tell you what you “should” be smelling, but is a mere suggestion of aromas. scent as a story, meant to delight and move you with a sense of personal connection and surprise. each is mingled with rock and roll, favorite places and the emotions connected to them. may you create your own each time yo

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